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This guide is aimed at any HI professional who has responsibility for developing, implementing or analysing Armed Violence Prevention activities. It is not to be regarded as a recipe book but more as a list of ingredients to use to ‘prepare’ the special relationship between HI professionals and local issues. If you have any queries about the operational strategy outlined in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact the Technical Advisers on Armed Violence Prevention.

AVP             Armed Violence Prevention
AVR             Armed Violence Reduction
CFP             Community Focal Points
CFS             Child-friendly Space
CHA            Confirmed Hazardous Area
CIS              Contamination Impact Survey
CN               Concept note
EOD            Explosive Ordnance Disposal
ERW            Explosive Remnants of War
HI                 Handicap International
HR               Human Resources
International Committee of the Red Cross
IDP               Internally displaced people
IEC               Information Education Communication
IED               Improvised Explosive Device
IM                 Information Management
IMAS            International Mine Action Standards
IME               Impact, Monitoring & Evaluation
IMSMA         Information Management System for Mine Action
KAP              Knowledge Attitudes and Practices
LRRD            Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development
MAC              Mine Action Centre
MBT              Mine Ban Treaty
MEAL            Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning
MoU              Memorandum of Understanding
NMAA            National Mine Action Authority
NMAS            National Mine Action Standards
NTS               Non-Technical Survey
PIA                Pre and Post Impact Assessment
PM                Project manager
PSS               Psychosocial support
PSSM            Physical Security and Stockpile Management
QA                 Quality Assurance
QC                 Quality Control
QM                Quality Management
RA                 Risk Awareness
Risk Education
SADDD         Sex, Age and Disability Disaggregated Data
SALW            Small Arms and Light Weapons
SHA              Suspected Hazardous Area
SOPs            Standard Operating Procedures
TA                 Technical Adviser
TS                 Technical Survey
UNMAS        United Nations Mine Action Service
VA                 Victim Assistance

Armed Violence Reduction


Legal framework

Victim Assistance

Transversal approaches

Gender and diversity approach